Hello Fossil Ridge Ward Family,

 Our annual stake Backpack Drive is here! Each year our stake joins with Just Serve and Community Link in Saginaw to donate backpacks to local school districts in need. This year, the need for donations is greater than every before as Community Link has lost a few big sponsors. How can our ward family help? Our goal is to donate 100 backpacks for children in grades K – 4. We can go over that limit, but 100 is the goal!

Here are a few ideas to get your whole family involved:

  1. Choose a backpack online with parental guidance and have your kids earn the money before purchasing it.
  2. Let the children earn money for a few weeks and then purchase a backpack – hopefully in a store – that they choose.
  3. The family chooses a few backpacks and everyone contributes to the purchase of them.
  4. Invite friends from the ward to join you in placing a bulk order.

Backpack Requirements:

  1. The backpacks are for children in elementary school (grades K – 4).
  2. Backpacks should have fun prints (superheroes, rainbows, etc.). No plain backpacks, please!
  3. Backpacks should be 16 inches or larger.

Where do I drop off my donation?

  1. During the week: You may drop off your donation to Anna Buis at 8621 Muir Drive. There will be a box on the front porch on good weather days only from 10 AM – 4 PM. To reduce the risk of spreading germs, please set your donation aside for 4 days after you purchase/receive it. Then you may drop it off at the donation box.
  2. On Sundays: There will be a donation box in the foyer once we resume church meetings in the Beach Bldg. Until then, you may drop your backpack off at the Buis home.

When will the backpack drive begin and end?

            Donations will be accepted from April 27th to July 19th.

What if I have questions?

            Call or text Anna Buis at 804.380.6489.

Thank you for your service!

–Sister Buis