Gospel Living app (Circles)

While our church services are conducted in our homes we will want to make use of the Gospel Living app as much as possible. It is a great place to ask questions about the Come Follow Me lessons, make comments about what you are reading, or just to stay in touch with each other. We can also use it to communicate needs of ward members and how each class or quorum can help address those needs.

Parents, please ensure your youth, who have their own devices, have the app and are signed in. For those youth without your own device your circles can still be accessed through a parent’s device or a shared family device. Each parent should have access to their children’s circles.

For those who have had trouble getting logged into the Gospel Living app so you can participate in circles, you may need to associate your membership number with your Church account.

To check this you log into churchofjesuschrist.org (sign in is at the top, right hand side of the screen). Once logged in you will click on “My Account” and then “Account Settings”. In the account settings page there is a list on the left side of the page and “Membership” is the section you want. If your membership number is not there you will need to add it and that should fix issues with accessing circles in the Gospel Living app.

If your membership number is there already but you still can’t participate in Circles then you may need to reach out to the church support for next steps. Membership numbers can be found on your Temple Recommend or in your membership information section of the Tools App. You can also reach out to a member of the Bishopric to get yours if you can’t find it elsewhere.

The number to Global Services (Church Head Quarters) is 855-537-4357.  Due to the privacy policy the person with the account problem has to be present if they are 12 or older.   Head Quarters will just confirm a few things and then the youth can give the phone back to the parent to walk through the steps to fix the account. 

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